Tuesday, April 14, 2020

April Is National PoetryMonth!

April Is National Poetry Month!

Today I shine the spotlight on Sister Eunice Saunders. This poem has appeared in numerous Afro Revolutionary periodicals. A dope love poem, honoring the Black Man!


I knew a man,
Son of a gun!
Skin smoothed blackness
Held delight baby
spelled me stilled
In the suede of
That man was tall
He was short
Bony, he was fat
Intellectual, gusty-lusty
Bold, shy, that guy
And when we walked
It was his shoulders
When he walked
Eyes when he talked
With a voice that
Touched below my awareness
Go to my sensual yes-ness
Grabbed my body
From sighs and cries
To his honey
Right there
Where he held me
Until I turned
And knew him
For what we was
A black man
I knew once
Son of a gun!

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