Sunday, April 25, 2021

 April Is National Poetry Month!

She's a Poet, an Activist, and Scholar! A recipient of numerous awards. Authored over 16 books including The American Book Award winner "Homegirls and Handgrenades." Her poems were featured in the Major Motion Picture "Love Jones." Former Black Panther...



We gon be

outa sight black/men

gon be part/


gon be all Minister Farrakhan

gon rap like RAP

gonna teach like Elijah

gon rule like Nyerere

gon believe like King believed

gonna be TCB/ing black men

as we walk in our red/yellow/suns

We gon be some


gon move like the queens we be

gon be full/

time MUSLIM woman

gon be strong as Sojourner

gon be as gentle as

sister Clotelle's smile

gon be the poetry of gwendolyn's words

gon be the green south of fannie lou hamer

gonna be as warm as an african nite

while walken like songs

we gon be some badddDDD people

just you wait and see

we gon be some badddDDD people

just you wait and see...

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