Saturday, April 3, 2021


Today, the spotlight shines on a Revolutionary Brother. A Revolutionary Poet. A former Black Panther and Political Editor of The Black Panther Party Intercommunal News Service.

J. White


"Tell me about the Panthers"

The pretty sister cried

"I want so much to be Black

I've tried and tried and tried."

Well--The Panther are a party

for people like me and you.

They're trying to get rid of the


Like Johnson and his Crew.

They base their words on action

and hope for the little man.

They're going to change this


cause the panthers have a plan.

They organize the people

around a common goal,

of liberty, freedom and justice

and the beauty of having a soul.

They stress the need for power.

They demand the right to choose,

When Tom's say let's not fight,

Panthers ask what we got to


The white man raped your mother

your daughters and sisters too,

and now the coldest shot of all

The man is fucking you.

These devils took our manhood

The Panthers want it back

If we can't get if peacefully

The Panthers will attack.

That's the story of the Panthers.

I think it's quite a lot

When you start looking around

you'll find

They're are the only men you've got.

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