Friday, April 9, 2021


An Iconic Revolutionary Sister, a Political Activist, former Black Panther Party Leader of both The New Haven Chapter and Los Angeles chapter. A Political Prisoner, Poet, Writer, Mother, Wife, widow of John Huggins, and an Educator. She was the director of the renowned “Oakland Community School,” a Black Panther Party liberation community-run child development center and elementary school. Today, the spotlight shines on this amazingly strong Iconic Sister.


(From Insights & Poems)

We are just

and yet they say they have created "justice";

we suffer with the pain of hunger

and they give us handcuffs

instead of bread.

We believed in their constitutions

and they violate it in their courts.

We defend ourselves from attack,

they murder us and claim self-defense.

We run from their rifles, guns, sirens---

they shoot us and call it justifiable homicide...

they have all the rights, we have none,

they try to co-opt the land in all of its beauty,

while we fill the jails, the prisons,

the internment camps


We have strength;

We have hope;

We have faith in the people,

Who have suffered

Who have died,

Who have tasted

their own blood---

and died a million deaths,

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