Monday, April 12, 2021

 April Is National Poetry Month!

Today, I shine the spotlight on an Iconic Revolutionary Sister, a Black Panther Party member of The Harlem Chapter, New York Black Panther 21. A Poet, Author, and Writer. A Teacher. An Entrepreneur. A Philanthropist. The mother of the late Tupac Shakur. Rest in Power!



I took a walk, the other day

Down the tormented streets of my community,

I saw a tree that grew broken wine bottles

I saw a flower that bloomed empty milk cartoons

I heard a bird that sang a funeral hymn

I felt contempt for the signs of Spring--

I saw a pig assault an old grandmother

(Honor thy mother and thy father that thy days

may be long)

I saw a church with a pepsi cola sign

I heard a deacon say, "I've been saved, sanctified

and filled with the Holy Ghost"

And I wondered why I had never seen him in

a Panther office.

I saw a wino with his head busted open

I took him to the church and told the deacon

to do unto others

The deacon told me I was dirtying the house

of the Lord

I wondered if he was an imposter

We left the deacon and went to the hospital

A nurse told us to go get sober

We left the hospital and went to the office

The Black Panther Office-

Where we found Jesus

He was disguised in nigger clothes

He spoke in the language of the ghetto

He walked like a war counselor for the Disciples

And he cleansed the wounds of those afflicted

Jesus, the Panther, gave food to the hungry

Jesus, the saviour gave comfort to the weary

Jesus, the merciful had mercy on the suffering


He came again! To bring the message to the


To set an example of True love for all mankind

To uplift the poor, oppressed masses

He came with a gun and a shield

He used them for the salvation of mankind

He was betrayed time and time again

He was falsely accused at every opportunity

And yet, His people, the lumpen--the field


Never allowed him to be destroyed

They slept at his side, they ate when he ate

When he dropped his gun, They picked it up

They shared his spirit, his will to live

And together they defeated the devil of Humanity

They turned the liars out and opened a new book

This one began: "We want land, bread, housing,

education, clothing, justice and peace."

Fight on Jesus!

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