Saturday, August 14, 2021

Go SetaPhire on August 17, 2021!


A tie-in with the SETAPHIRE SERIES!

Paperback available August 17, 2021 @


Stage Play by Nicole Hammett

Cover Illustrated by Nicole Hammett

The New Negro Movement. Back to Africa Movement. Harlem 1921. Home of the Black family. Black Cross tells the story of the becoming of Alice-Paul Black. Wife of Rufus Black, mother of Willie and Junior Black, daughter of Mamie Johnson.

Born a dark-skinned Negro woman disallowed the right to dream, details her willingness to no longer accept who her husband allows her to be. Who her mother tells her she needs to be and who the world says that she is. It took a long time for Alice-Paul Black to find her voice, and she’s going to tell you who she ain’t.

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