Thursday, October 14, 2021


Commemorating and Celebrating the life of Marcus Mosiah Garvey!

Purchase your copy of SetaPhire: Mandela!

SetaPhire: Mandela

The second book in the SetaPhire Series is available @

What is the purpose of your life? What are you supposed to Setaphire to?

Mandela’s journey begins.

More than Setaphire’s best friend. Born Francesca Xnonymous in Kingston, Jamaica. On Francesca's 11th birthday, she’s given the truth as a gift. Her name is not Francesca Xnonymous, it’s Mandela Xnonymous. Mandela will leave her bittersweet paradise behind and move to a foreign land to attend a prestigious elite academy.

Modeled on a Black History curriculum and Marcus Garvey's philosophies. The Academy provides support and guidance as the instructors wade the chosen through the tempestuous of self-doubt to the realization that they are Black Beauty and Black Excellence!

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