Wednesday, April 13, 2022


Today, the spotlight shines on a poem published in 1848, written by Robert Nicol.


An Anthem For The Third Centenary Of The Reformation

An offering to the shrine of power

Our hands shall never bring--

A garland on the ear of Pomp

Our hands should never fling--

Applauding in the conqueror’s path,

Our voice ne'er shall be;

But we have hearts to honor those

Who bade the world go free!

Stern Ignorance man's soul had bound,

In fetters, rusted o'er

With tears--with scalding human tears,

And red with human gore;

But men arose--the men to whom

We bead the freeman's knee,

Who, God-encouraged-burst the chain,

And made our fathers free!

Light dwelt where darkness crst had been,

The morn of Mind arose--

The dawning of that day of Love

Which never more shall close:

Joy grew more joyful, and more green

The valley and the lea;

The glorious sun from Heaven looked down,

And smiled upon the free!

Truth came and made its home below;

And Universal Love,

And Brotherhood, and Peace, and Joy,

Are following from above;

And happy ages on the earth

Humanity shall see;

And happy lips shall bless their name,

Who made our children free!

Praise to God-the Pure-the Great,

Who made us what we are!

Who lit the flame which yet shall glow

With radiance brighter far:

Glory to them in coming time,

And through eternity!

They burst the captive's galling chain,

And bade the world go free!

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