Friday, April 22, 2022


Today, the spotlight shines on a poem published in 1852, written by A. R.


It is his aim

To travel on, in duty's way,

Though multitudes defame--

His motives constantly gainsay.

He labors on,

Undaunted by the world's dark frown;

Prepared to suffer wrong,

It can not weigh his spirit down.

Ever awake

The pangs of sorrow to allay,

No enemy can shake,

Or lead him from his course astray.

He firmly stands

Where poisonous arrows round him fly;

Where virtue aid demands,

He fights to conquer or to die.

Unmoved by fear,

Though envy may diffuse her bane,

Or malice toil severe,

To heap reproach upon his name.

He finds within,

A true and never-fading guide;

There is on earth or him

No monitor so safe beside.

And when life's wanes,

Its tender cords are nearly riven,

He finds what well sustains,

And aids him to his flight to Heaven

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