Tuesday, April 25, 2023

April Is National Poetry Month 

Also named “Crossing Jordan,” with an alternate ending. The last two lines read, “Crossing Jordan! Crossing Jordan! Alone and by myself.”


It was that lonely day, folks

When I walked all by myself.

My friends was all around me

But it was if they'd left.

I went up on a mountain

In a high cold wind

And the coat that I was wearing

Was mosquito-netting thin.

I went down in the valley

And I crossed an icy stream

And the water I was crossing

Was no water in a dream

And the shoes I was wearing

No protection for that stream.

Then I stood out on a prairie

And as far as I could see

Wasn't nobody on that prairie

Looked like me.

It was that lonely day, folks

I walked all by myself:

My friends was right there with me

But was just as if they'd left.

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