Saturday, April 1, 2023


Welcome to the sixth annual April National Poetry Month celebration. 30 days of Black brilliance, Black thinking, Black feeling, Black poems by Black Poets.

In the past, I have celebrated the year of the Black Cat, Poetry of the Black Panther Party. Paid homage to the beginning, poetry written by slaves and freemen. This year’s theme is honoring love. Giving love to the poet who ignited my love for poetry, who awoke my love for writing at seven years of age from a poem entitled “Motto.”

This poet was an influential voice in the Harlem Renaissance. A social activist, a writer, and a playwright. A columnist, essayist, novelist, and innovator of jazz poetry. Author of the renowned Jesse B. Semple, also known as Simple stories, and Madam Alberta K. Johnson poems. The People’s Poet!

Without further ado, I present Langston Hughes...


I play it cool

And dig all jive.

That's the reason

I stay alive.

My motto,

As I live and learn,


Dig and Be Dug

In Return.

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