Tuesday, April 18, 2023

April Is National Poetry Month  

Rent Party Shout-out! Harlem rent parties are legendary! This poem was first published in Amsterdam News on August 20, 1930.

Rent-Party Shout: For a Lady Dancer

Whip it to a jelly!

Too bad Jim!

Mamie's got ma man--

An' I can't find him.

Shake that thing! O!

Shake it slow!

That man I love is

Mean an' low.

Pistol an' razor!

Razor an' gun!

If I sees ma man he'd

Better run--

For I'll shoot him in de shoulder,

Else I'll cut him down,

Cause I knows I can find him

When he's in de ground--

Then can't no other women

Have him layin' round.

So play it, Mr. Nappy!

Yo' music's fine!

I'm gonna kill that

Man o' mine!

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