Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Annoyed of hearing talk about dying for our rights. Nikki believed that dying wasn’t the hardest to do. She thought it was harder to kill for your rights. This poem is an act of protest against that attitude.

Peppe is the nickname of Nikki Giovanni’s nephew.

The True Import of Present Dialogue,

Black Vs. Negro

(For Peppe, Who Will Ultimately Judge Our Efforts)


Can you kill

Can you kill

Can a nigger kill a honkie

Can a nigger kill the Man

Can you kill nigger

Huh? nigger can you


Do you know how to draw blood

Can you poison

Can you stab-a-jew

Can you kill huh? nigger

Can you kill

Can you run a protestant down with your

‘68 El Dorado

(that’s all they’re good for anyway)

Can you kill

Can you piss on a blond head

Can you cut it off

Can you kill

A nigger can die

We ain’t got to prove we can die

We got to prove we can kill

They sent us to kill

Japan and Africa

We policed europe

Can you kill

Can you kill a white man

Can you kill the nigger

in you

Can you make your nigger mind


Can you kill your nigger mind

And free your black hands to


Can you kill

Can a nigger kill

Can you shoot straight and

Fire for good measure

Can you splatter their brains in the street

Can you kill them

Can you lure them to bed to kill them

We kill in Viet Nam

for them

We kill for UN & NATO & SEATO & US

And everywhere for all alphabet but


Can we learn to kill WHITE for BLACK

Learn to kill niggers

Learn to be Black men

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