Monday, April 1, 2024

April Is National Poetry Month! 

30 days of Black Feelings, Black Talk, Black Thoughts, Black Judgements.

In the past, I have spotlighted various Black Poets, Paid homage to the Beginning, "Year of Genesis," testaments, prayers, gospels, psalms, or just in simple layperson's terms, poetry written by 18th century free and enslaved poets. Honored Langston Hughes. Featured the Revolutionary Poetry of the Brothers and Sisters of The Black Panther Party and their affiliates with "The Year of The Big Black Cat."


I started reading Langston Hughes at seven years of age, not long after, I discovered this poet. Influential, World Renown, Literary Icon, BAM Poet, Writer, Bestselling Author, Essayist, Civil Rights Activist, NAACP Image Award Recipient, Recording Artist. Accolades flow forever on.


This Poet has played an integral part to my being, inciting the ProBlackness in me. 

 Black, Dope, Real, Ethereal, Surreal. Fly like the bird in the sky.

Welcome to the Year of Nikki-Rosa

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