Tuesday, April 9, 2024

A Revolutionary Playlist!

Turn it up!

Revolutionary Music

you’ve just got to dig sly

and the family stone

damn the words

you gonna be dancing to the music

james brown can go to

viet nam

or sing about whatever he

has to

since he already told

the honkie

“although you happy you better try

to get along

money won’t change you

but time is taking you on”

not to mention

doing a whole

song they can’t even snap

their fingers to

“good god! Ugh!”

talking about

“i got the feeling baby i got the feeling”

and “hey everybody let me tell you the news”

martha and the vandellas dancing in the streets

while shorty long is functioning at that junction

yeah we hip to that

aretha said they better


but she already said

“ain’t no way to love you”

(and you know she wasn’t talking to us)

and dig the o’jays asking “must i always be a stand in

for love”

i mean they say “i’m fool for being myself”

while the might mighty impressions have told the


for once and for all

“We’re a Winner”

ever our names—le roi has said—are together






intruders (i mean intruders?)

not beatles and animals and white bad things like

young rascals and shit

we be digging all

our revolutionary music consciously or un

cause sam cooke said “a change is gonna come”

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