Saturday, April 13, 2024



For a Poet I Know

if you sang songs i could make a request

does the same hold true of poems

i’d like a poem about me

i’m black and exist and for real

i’d like a poem about your uncle

who got out of his read to let us screw

yeah and maybe a poem

about how i tried

to talk to you one night

and you suggested i read my own poems

what were you really thinking

i’d like to hear a poem about your wig

everybody’s got a wig

aretha’s is on her head

james brown’s is humphrey

mine is columbia

yours is the college you teach at

or the people who sent you there

i want a poem telling how tired you are

of fucking women

and relating to your hospital


or maybe a poem about who you’d like

to lay beside and dream with

and a real long poem on what you dream about

i really need a rare book poem

and what they mean to you

and a new book poem about what you read

and a joe goncalves poem about a hardworking brother

and a carolyn rodgers poem about a beautiful sister

and a father poem for hoyt fuller

and a jet poem because we’ve never been in it

and a scared poem about me taking your clothes off

then offering an excuse

and a man poem about how you reached your Blackness

or perhaps an alcoholic poem about your mother

and a climbing poem about how you reached the heights

and a you poem mostly

cause your other poems

don’t tell me who you are

and i

having felt and tasted you know

what you should know and relate to

that you should write and are capable of writing

a tall lean explosive poem

not just a quiet half white hating poem

about a black poem

called a black poet

that i know and would like to love


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