Saturday, April 27, 2024




Life Cycles

she realized

she wasn’t one

of life’s winners

when she wasn’t sure

life to her was some dark

dirty secret that

like some unwanted child

too late for an abortion

was to be borne


she had so many private habits

she would masturbate sometimes

she always picked her nose when upset

she liked to sit with silence

in the dark

sadness is not an unusual state

for the black woman

or writers

she took to sneaking drinks

a habit which displeased her

both for its effects

and taste

yet eventually sleep

would wrestle her in triumph

onto the bed

she was nervous

when he was there

and anxious

when he wasn’t

life to her

was a crude cruel joke

played on the livers

she boxed her life

like a special private seed

planting it in her emotional garden

to see what weeds

would rise

to strangle


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