Friday, April 17, 2020

April Is National Poetry Month!

April Is National Poetry Month!

Today I spotlight a South African poet, a political activist, an influential figure in the Pan-African Movement, an educator, and an author. This brethren founded The Black Arts Theater in Harlem and was a founding member of The African Literature Association. Inaugurated in 2006 as South Africa’s First National Poet Laureate and recipient of many awards, without further ado I present Bra Willie!


All things come to pass
When they do, if they do
All things come to their end
When they do, as they do
So will the day of the stench of oppression
Leaving nothing but the lingering
Taste of particles of hatred
Woven around the tropical sun
While in the belly of the night
Drums roll and peal a monumental song...
To every birth its blood
All things come to pass
When they do
We are the gods of our day and us
Panthers with claws of fire
And songs of love for the newly born
There will be ruins in Zimbabwe for real
Didn't Rap say,
They used to call it Detroit
And now they call it Destroyed!
To every birth its pain
All else is death and life

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