Saturday, April 18, 2020

April Is National Poetry Month!

April Is National Poetry Month!

Today, I shine the spotlight on a revolutionary brother, a poet, and former member of the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense Harlem chapter.

Lemme Tell You What My Black Is All About

My black is about rhythm, sound
soul and hurt and joy
My black is sweat droppin
finger poppin, hallelujah!
Booga-a-loo little sister down the street
My black is lumpy beds and
tcb and all the good in life
down to the black bone of God
and Moosey and Sharon and you and
a sanctified shout at break of day
Big black Paul Robeson lives!
I saw him
I say Malcolm lives!
Garvey lives!
Karenga is
Imamu is
preacher king went up on the mountain
and walked to the sun
SHANGO is black thunder
clapped down on trembling honky hearts

My black is about people who
know they saw the birth of time
and touched by God
moved thru death and slavery

Centuries long
to stand now, with the light
in one hand, day in the other, saying:
"beast-what will it be?"

But later for that
My black is about Moosey and Sharon
We black
and can't nobody else know what that means...

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