Friday, April 24, 2020

April Is National Poetry Month!

April Is National Poetry Month!

Today I shine the spotlight on an iconic Black Panther 21, a revolutionary sister, a poet, writer, Teacher, an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, the mother of the late Tupac Shakur. Rest in Power!


Malcolm awoke and saw what appeared to be the mountain of liberation
Then he was murdered
Martin started up that mountain and found there was beauty and lasting peace – he was murdered
Huey went all the way up and came down again to speak to the world of the solidarity there – he was shot & kidnapped
Eldridge saw my desire to go up and showed me the rugged path – he was forced into exile
Bobby took my hand to lead me there and I found the way rough and exhilarating
and of course, he was gagged, beaten and chained
Fred overheard their directions and took to the hill for a closer look -
What he saw made him go back down to share the happiness
When he came back in the valley, all I can hear him say was –
I am a Revolutionary
But, it made no sense, and so I just sat and listened
The next day I heard him repeat this melody as he prepared the morning meal for my child
I heard the words and still
I was quiet; Fred didn't seem to mind
He just kept doing things and singing his song
And then one day the melody of his song was taken up by the evil winds of human destruction
They heard its message and handed to him, the salary of a people's servant
The air that breathed his message to me was alive with urgency
The mountain became a reality
The tools became friends
The curves became mere objects of jest!
I could sit still no longer
I began to hum his song
As I climbed, as I felt and got up and felt again – I
sang the song of liberation

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