Saturday, April 25, 2020

April Is National Poetry Month!

April is National Poetry Month!

Pump Ya Fist!

These brothers & sisters were labeled dangerous, violent, hooligans, uneducated, thugs, menaces, and most wanted. Some went on the become professors at prestigious universities. Today I shine the spotlight on Sister Paulette Frye. Power to the People!


All power to the people brother:
A love with no beginning
The warmth of friendship
The bond of comradeship
The understanding of brothers and sisters
And it blossomed and grew
But the essence did not change
You are my friend, my comrade, my brother
And a Revolutionary who has my highest respect
For a new Black woman loves a new Black man
You are not mine, for you belong to the people
I am not yours, for I must serve the people
Our bodies touch and move apart
You go to another
But together we struggle, and in struggle, we learn to love
And that cannot limit us
It encompasses the entire world
We struggle to be free, we struggle, we fight to love
That all people may love
Our children will be the children of the world
Fighting for our people and the people of the world
Fighting for the possibilities of Humanity
And loving, as we want to love
This is the beginning of a love that cannot end
Not the false love of a dying society
But a new love of a new people
Fighting for a new world
Wherever you are, my love
I'll be with you as you fight
And wherever I am, my love
I'll carry you in my heart as I fight
Together we'll learn to love and we'll teach the world
“At the risk of seeming ridiculous, I will say
that the true revolutionary is guided by great
feeling of love.”

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