Tuesday, April 28, 2020

April Is National Poetry Month!

April Is National Poetry Month!

This bredren is a poet from Liverpool, an urban griot, and a professional chef. He has authored four collections of poetry. His poems have appeared in numerous anthologies. Today I spotlight Levi Tafari! Rastafari!

Levi Tafari

Spiritually rooted
Culturally aware
A mystical African Atmosphere
A cultural beat on an African Drum
Like the beat of the heart when life began
Black man's roots in a Babylon
A positive vibration in a wicked land
A disciplined man in an undisciplined land
A spiritual fight
A fight against wrong
Art and craft combined together
Music and dance for the brothers and sisters
Natural living upon the earth
But in a Babylon what is life really worth
A concrete jungle where it is cold
And a man could a easily lose his soul
A place where the sun barely shines
And the smoking of herbs is a crime
A technical place full of machines
Where a man is not respected as a human being
If you have black skin them say that is a sin
In a land of competition black skin can't win
Now the roots of black culture is here
So Babylonians you better take care
Cause we help build up your land and now we want our share
So give us our African Atmosphere
Give black culture a chance
And let peace and love advance
Cause we're coming out of your trance
And a go straight in an African dance
A cultural education for all black youths
Not a selfish education to make them brutes
Teach Black culture in your schools
Then the running in a Babylon may be cool
Because we're spiritually rooted
We're culturally aware
And we want a culture atmosphere
A cultural beat in an African way
Cause African culture is with us to stay

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