Tuesday, April 28, 2020

April Is National Poetry Month!

April Is National Poetry Month!
This brethren is a poet, a critic, an editor, an educator, and a writer. The author of "Dreams in Soy Sauce." His poetry has appeared in numerous poetry anthologies. Today I shine the spotlight on Rohan B. Preston.

I Can See buckra a come
Lock-step to start a fray
Coming with them chains and munitions
But I don't feel no way
Nesta Marley, Mosiah Garvey
A flow inna me vain
Malcolm X-mas, Luther Kingdom
Mash them down again
I can hear the missiles a hum
But Jah Jah a the conqueror
At Palmares, Addis Ababa
Duppyman conqueror
Harriet Tubman, King Shaka
Show Jah love for true
Sister Nanny, and Kenyatta
Pass their grace on to you
The one Hannibal, Nefertiti,
All of them refuse to fall
Queen Mother, and Mandibi
All them are apart a me
I can see the armies rolling
But Natty a the conqueror
for our fathers, foremothers
None of them a bangarang
I can hear the mountains calling
Jah Lion a the conqueror
Love you, Papa, love you, Mama
O, Zion a the conqueror
Final conka-conka-kang

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