Sunday, April 18, 2021


Today, the spotlight shines on a Revolutionary Brother. An Iconic, Polarizing Panther, A Political Activist. The founder member of the Southern California Chapter of The Black Panther Party for Self-Defense and Leader of the Los Angeles Chapter. Mayor of the Ghetto. You can assassinate the Revolutionary, but you can't kill the revolution. Black Power! Rest in Power, Bunchy and John!



I must confess that I still breathe

though you are not yet free

what could justify my crying start

forgive my coward's heart

--but blame me not the sheepish me

for i have just awakened from a deep, deep sleep

for i be hazed, and dazed, and scared

and vipers fester in my hair

Black Mother i curse your drudging years

the rapes, and heart-breaks, sweat and tears

--but this cannot redeem, the fact--

you cried in pain, i turned my back

and ran into the myers fog

and watched while you were dogged

and died a thousand deaths

but i swear on siege night dark and gloom

a rose I'll wear to honor you, and when i fall

the rose in hand

you'll be free and I a man

for a slave of natural death who dies

can't balance out to two dead flies

I'd rather be without the shame

a bullet lodge within my brain

If i were not to reach our goal

let bleeding cancer torment my soul.

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