Monday, April 19, 2021


Today, the spotlight shines on a Revolutionary Sister, a Political Activist, and a former Black Panther. This poem was featured in The Black Panther Intercommunal News Service.



My people are black

My people are blessed, blessed with a hue as deep

as a moonless night, as rich as the earth upon

which I walk

My people are black

My people are strong, stronger than an erupting

volcano that overflows with

lava and cover people and things

My people are black by birth, But the racist

white dog has attempted to make us black

And blue! That racist dog has tried every effort to

add a new color to our already beautiful skin. By

way of whips, he has torn our flesh from our

backs. By way of billy clubs, he has bruised our

bodies. By way of guns, he has pierced our

bodies with bullets.

My people are black. Black by birth. But the

racist white dog has tried to make us

black and blue.

But, I as a strong Black woman who

intends to replenish this black earth with

children of both sexes, say to you---

white man.

"F---you! My children will be black---so black

there won't be room for anything else."

My people are black as night. My people are as

strong as a volcano. And that volcano is

erupting, pig! That volcano is exploding and

is splirting something that is wild and untamed.

Something that is going to cover all traces of

racism. It is going to cover all traces of YOU!

My people are black as night,

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