Friday, April 15, 2022


The North Star to Freedom!

Today, the spotlight shines on a poem published in 1848, written by S. S. W.


Oh, hark! what voice the silence breaks!
What accents are new those we hear!

List, freeman, 'tis chatted speaks!--

It chatted's voice salute your ear.

Bursting the bonds that him confined,

From darkness sprung a giant mind:

Yes, he's escaped from slavery's den,

And guides the North Star with his pen.

Hail, beam-light of liberty!

With joy we greet thy ray afar,

And pray that thou mayest ever be

Freedom's unchanging polar star.

We longed had looked upon the skies,

To see the Star of Hope arise,

And shed upon it the bleeding slave,

Its cheering ray this side of the grave.

And, now, behold! far in the north,

Near where the lion bears his sway,

A brilliant Star is beaming forth,

Cheering the down-trod with its ray.

It shines upon the fugitive;

It bids the slave take heart and live;

For soon--ah! soon, may come the day,

When he shall bask in Freedom's ray.

Unchanged, unchanging, ever shine,

On this benighted land of ours;

Until the force of Truth divine

Shall break the proud oppressor's powers;:

Till man shall walk the verdant sod,

In the blest image of his God,

Free and untrammelled --then thy ray

May well be lost in Freedom's day.

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