Saturday, April 16, 2022


Published in the Louisville Newspaper on February 18, 1849. Today, I spotlight a poem written by Theodore doughty Miller, “God Never Made A Slave.”


Ah! Dark skinned tribes though black we be,

God, our creator, made us free;

To all HE life and being gave,

But never, never made a slave.

His works, all wondrous to behold,

Proclaim to us a power untold;

He made the sea and formed the wave,

But never, never made a slave.

He made yon sun with splendor bright,

The moon to brighten earth's dark night;

He made in power this vast concave,

But never, never made a slave.

He made all colors and all climes,

Of living things made every kind;

For all he made the common grave,

But never, never made a slave.

Though Adam sin brought pain and death,

Yet life came with Christ's dying breath;

From henceforth heaven and hell may rave,

His blood speaks freedom to the slave.

For all He sent His son to be

The Great High Priest of Liberty,

From sin's strong chains our soul to save,

And break the fetters of the slave.

All men are equal in His sight,

The bond, the free, the black, the white;

He made them all--all freedom gave--

God made the man, man made the slave.

But glorious tidings of great joy!

Yon kingdom beams without alloy;

And while we view that "crystal sea."

We'll shout, praise God, we're free! we're free!

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