Sunday, April 17, 2022


Written by J. M. Duganne and published in 1849.

I present...


Let him who will rehearse the song

Of gentle love and bright romance;

Let him who will with tripping tongue

Lead gleaming thoughts to fancy's dance;

But let me strike mine iron harp,

As northern harps were struck of old-

And let its music, stern and sharp

Arouse the free and bold!

My hand that iron harp shall sweep,

Till from each stroke new strains recoil,

And forth the sounding echoes leap,

To join the arousing song of toil;

Till men of thought their thoughts outspeak,

And thoughts awake in kindred mind,

And stirring words shall arm the weak,

And fetters cease to bind!

And coursing, soon, o'er soul and sense,

That glorious harp, whose iron strings

Are Labor's mighty instruments,

Shall shake the thrones of mortal kings;

And ring of axe and anvil note,

And rush of plough through yielding soil,

And laboring engine's vocal throat,

Shall swell the song of toil!

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