Monday, April 18, 2022


Today, the spotlight shines on a poem written by Ella and published in 1849.


Dark slavery covers our hand like a pall,

Arouse! ye brave freeman , and come at the call;

Come quickly, and rescue our beautiful land

From the chains of the bondman, the scourge, and

the brand.

No longer we'll bow at the slaveholder's feet,

No longer we'll help him steal and to cheat;

No more shall the babe from the mother be torn,

No more shall the wife from the husband be borne!

We have helped them so long, they think that we


Continue to trample the slave in the dust;

But we'll tell them no longer we'll bear the disgrace;

No more we'll oppress the dark African race.

Then come to the rescue, no more we'll rest,

Till those poor enslaved millions with freedom are


Then, with pleasure we'll hail the bright land of

our birth,

As the proudest, the noblest, the freest of earth.

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