Saturday, April 9, 2022


Today, I shine the spotlight on a poem written by John L entitled "Slave's Soliloquy."


They Say these stars do shine more bright

Than those of the Northern zone,

And these skies do glow with a warmer light

Than Freedom's land doth own.

They tell me that where the bondman flee

My brothers starve and die;

But oh! I would go where my kith are free,

And with them in their cold graves lie.

No greater boon than this I crave,

For this my spirit yearns;

The spirit of freedom, though but a slave,

Within my bosom burns.

And in this hut so dark and drear,

Gazing out upon the sky.

I swear for freedom's shore I steer;

And free myself or die.

No more the white man's whip shall scar

This body bruised and sore;

I'll steer my bark by the bright north star,

and sail for freedom's shore.

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