Sunday, April 10, 2022


The North Star to Freedom!

This poem appeared in the June 2, 1848 issue of the North Star.


O, come, come away in bondage now repining,

The Northern Star will guide your far--

O come, come away,

Where law no cringing bondman knows,

And thou secure from rytant foes,

Shalt find a sweet repose--

O come, come away.

Though love's gentle tendrils around thee are


Stay not for this uncertain bliss,

O come, come away,

Enough of unrequited toil,

And stiffened gore, on Southern soil

Thou'lt leave for those who spoil--

O come, come away.

O come, come away, kind friends will aid their fleeing:

The gush of soul, laws can't control,

O come, come way:

Thy foes, with steeds and bounds, tis true,

Thy weary feet may long pursue,

Yet freedom full in view--

O come, come away.

May He who rules in heaven and earth, all-seeing,

Save from alarm, and every harm--

O come, come away;

He helps all those who use their might--

To thy own self hast thou not right?

Then why delay thou flight?

O come, come away.

O come, come away--how sweet will be the meeting

With those who've fled with bondage dread--

O come, come away!

O haste thee from thy misery:

God grant thee freedom's to land to see,

Enjoy liberty.

O come, come away.

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