Monday, April 11, 2022


Today, the spotlight shines on a poem published in 1848, written by M. W.

Without further ado, I present to you...


Shall we proclaim that we are free,

Live in a land of liberty,

When on the dash of every wave,

Comes the loud groaning of the slave?

Shall we raise freedom's flag on high,

When every breeze doth bear the sigh

Of Afric's children as they toil

To dress and till our country's soil?

And shall we revel on the gain

That makes them groan and sigh with pain,

Say, should we heap the glittering gold

For which our countryman are sold?

Then shall we see our Maker's hand

Lifted in vengeance o'er our land,

To take from us our boasted power,

And make these demons spirits cower.

Ah! dare you with an iron rod,

Oppress the image of our God--

Defy the Almighty's great decree,

That bids you let the oppress go free?

Then pray in faith to Heaven's high throne,

That you may reap as you have sown.

Will God stoop down with listening ear,

The prayer of hypocrites to ear?

And will he ope the heavenly gates

To him who his own children hates?

No! at his bar you must appear

To answer for the crimes done here,

And he will give the just decree,

That "ye have done it unto me."

Go humbly, then, and offer there,

The contrite spirit, humble prayer,

Wash out the crimson from your heart,

And from your evil ways depart;

No more the heavy burdens bind,

And peace and pardon you will find.

Then can you swell the choral song,

With seraphs in the heavenly throng,

On golden harps your anthem raise,

In one eternal song of praise.

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