Tuesday, April 12, 2022


Written Anonymously. Published in 1848.

I present to you a poem entitled….

The Avenger of the Slave

Who shall avenge the slave? I stood and cried.

The earth! The earth! The echoing sea replied.

I turned me to the Ocean; but each wave

Declined to be the avenger of the slave.

Who shall avenge the slave? My species cry,

The winds, floods, the lightnings of the sky!

I turned to these--from them one echo ran--

'The right avenger of the slave is man.

Man was my fellow--in his sight I stood.

Wept, and besought him by the voice of blood.

Sternly he looked, as proud on earth he trod,

Then said. "The avenger of the slave is God."

I looked in prayer to Heaven--a white 'twas still;

And then me thought God's voice replied, "I will."

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