Wednesday, April 6, 2022


Today the spotlight shines on a poem published in 1827, in the Freedom Journal, written by Africus.

Tears Of A Slave

Adieu, to my dear native shore,

'Fo toss on the boisterous wave;

To enjoy my kindred no more,

But to weep--the tears of a SLAVE!

By the sons of freeman I'm borne,

To the land of the free and brave;

From my wife and children I'm torn,

To weep--the sad tears of a SLAVE!

When I think of mother and friends,

And the joy their countenance gave;

Ah! how my sad bosom it rends;

While weeping--the tears of a SLAVE!

Ah! now I must labour for gold,

To pamper the pride of a knave;

Ah! now I am shackled and sold

To weep-the sad tears of a SLAVE!

Keen sorrow so presses my heart,

That often I sigh for my grave;

While feeling the lash'- cruel smart!

And weeping--the tears of a SLAVE!

Ye sons, of the free and the wise,

Your tender compassion I crave;

Alas! can your bosoms despise?

The pitiful tears of a SLAVE!

Can a land of Christians so pure!

Let demons of slavery rave!

Can the angel of mercy endure,

The pitiless--tears of a SLAVE!

Just Heaven, to thee I appeal;

Hast thou not the power to save?

In mercy thy power reveal,

And dry--the sad tears of a SLAVE!

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